15-Piece A4 Wood Sample pack

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Use this awesome set of A4 wood samples as a showroom display pack or make your own samples.

Pack includes 15 products:

- 3mm Pine MDF

- 6mm Pine MDF

- 3mm MDF with Sapele veneer

- 6mm MDF with Sapele veneer

- 3mm MDF with Cherry veneer

- 6mm MDF with Cherry veneer

- 3mm MDF with Angli veneer

- 6mm MDF with Angli veneer

- 3mm MDF with Wallnut veneer

- 6mm MDF with Wallnut veneer

- 3mm MDF with Red Oak veneer

- 6mm MDF with Red Oak veneer

- 3mm MDF with Okoume Veneer

- 6mm MDF with Okoume Veneer

- 3mm Okoume Plywood


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